Mindful Living Workshops

*Please note that workshops can be adapted for the needs of specific groups and can be facilitated in-house.  The workshops can be offered individually or combined as a mindful living course.

During these workshops we will explore different ways to incorporate mindfulness in your daily life.  Everyone is unique, therefore there is no specific mindfulness practice that works for everybody. These workshops are about finding what works for you through the exploration of a variety of mindfulness practices.  During the workshops mindfulness concepts will be introduced and discussed, followed by experiential mindfulness practices.

The purpose of the workshop include, but is not limited to:

  • Reconnecting with your own inner wisdom
  • Learning how to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Uncovering the power of being present
  • Recognising your own negative triggers and patterns and finding positive ways to deal with these.
  • Noticing the joy in the present moment
  • Assisting with personal growth and development
  • Improving your communication skills
  • Learning how to work with your thoughts and emotions


Workshop 1:  Mindfulnes for Stress Management:  An Introduction

During this workshop the concept of mindfulness will be introduced and why being mindful can be helpful in terms of stress management and anxiety.  This will be followed by experiential practices that can be used to introduce mindfulness in your daily life.


Workshop 2:  Mindful Journaling:  Working with thoughts and emotions

During this workshop we will explore the nature of the mind and working with your thoughts and emotions through meditation, free-writing exercises and journaling.  Learning to observe and understand your own mind is incredibly empowering and will enable you to guide your own thought processes.


Workshop 3:  Mindful Creativity

Mindful art is a delightfully tactile and creative way to hold our awareness in one place to create a space that is calm and peaceful.  As adults we often lose the ability to simply enjoy the present moment and have fun. This workshop is about reconnecting with simple, sensory experiences that can bring us joy and happiness.  We will explore creative tools such working with clay and colouring mindfully to encourage relaxation and joy.

*Please note that no art training or experiences is necessary to participate in this workshop


Workshop 4:  Mindful Communication

In the modern world we are often overwhelmed by all the messages and information we receive on a daily basis.  Yet, we are struggling to connect and communicate with the people who are most important to us.  This workshop is about learning new skills that will support improved communication in all areas of your life.


Workshop 5:  Mindful Dance:  Connecting to the wisdom of your body

So often we neglect and ignore our bodies until we are forced to pay attention to it because of illness or exhaustion.  Focusing on the body mindfully through free style dance and meditation can bring to light physical and emotional needs that you were unaware of, and assist you in taking better care of yourself.  Learning to tap into the wisdom of the body can support a healthier, happier and more productive life.

*Please note that no formal dance training is required to participate in this workshop­


Duration of all workshops:  3 hours

Cost:  R550 per person, includes all notes and workshop materials, tea/coffee and snacks

*The cost of combining the 5 workshops as a course is R2400





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